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Authorization to Dismantle & Inspect

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  • Authorization to Dismantle and Inspect

    I authorize Herring and Son Collision, LLC and its employees to perform a complete disassembly of the damaged components so that a complete repair plan may be written for my vehicle. I also authorize Herring and Son Collision, LLC and its employees, to drive my vehicle for testing and/or inspection.

    I understand that Herring and Son, LLC will NOT be held responsible for items left in any vehicle either towed or driven in for estimating or repairs. Any labor involved in dismantling or estimation must be paid before the vehicle is moved from Herring and Son Collision, LLC. Vehicles towed or driven in, then deemed a total loss, and/or moved to another location for any reason by the customer or insurance company will be subject to admin, lot, gate, cleanup, part storage, before the vehicle is released from Herring and Son Collision, LLC.

    Outside storage $75 per day, inside storage $100 per day.

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  • Pre and Post Repair Diagnostic Scan Work Authorization

    This diagnostic work authorization form grants Herring and Son Collision permission to perform a pre and post-repair diagnostic plan on your vehicle as part of the repair process

     Repair Diagnostic Scan –

     this is a complete health check of your vehicle and provides the repair shop (and insurance company, if applicable) a complete report on the number of computer modules on board, as well as any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) that could indicate pre-accident and/or accident-related damage. This essential step eliminates unnecessary delays waiting for parts and/or additional insurance authorizations and identifies issues with the vehicle that could be missed without a pre-repair diagnostic scan.

    Post-Repair Diagnostic Scan –

    this step ensures that all systems on your vehicle are in proper working order prior to delivery. It is important to note that the majority of DTC’s do not result in malfunction indicator lamp (dashboard light). Failure to perform a post-repair scan by trained professionals with factory scan tools significantly increases the risk that your vehicle may be returned with malfunctioning, or inoperable, safety and convenience systems. A post-repair diagnostic scan is the single best way to ensure that your vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition.

    Data Privacy:

    In the process of performing a diagnostic scan, Herring and Son Collision will collect important historical vehicle data, including in some cases, the date and time and mileage of when DTC was created. This information is helpful in understanding if a problem is accident related or pre-existing. It is possible this information will be shared with your insurance company. Your acceptance of this procedure grants Herring and Son Collision permission to share this information with others, including your insurance company. No personally identifying information is collected during the pre or post-repair scan.


    • Diagnosing vehicles has limitations. In some cases, modified vehicles may give false DTC’s. Herring and Son Collision and its employees cannot be responsible for omissions or errors caused by the information provided, or not provided by the customer.
    • All work performed by Herring and Son Collision will be in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and defaults. This includes but is not limited to, any repairs, calibrations, integrations, programming, and set points as indicated by the EOM by way of their designated sources of such information. Herring and Son Collision is not responsible for any damage that results from, or to, aftermarket parts, or modifications from OEM factory specifications.
    • Variations between vehicles, according to the make and model and trim level, may limit the information captured during a pre and post-repair diagnostic scan.
    • Depending on the condition of the vehicle, and the extent of the damage, and other factors outside the control of Herring and Son Collision, a factory scan tool may not see every system on the vehicle being scanned.
    • Herring and Son Collision is not responsible for any changes made to the vehicle after the vehicle leaves the shop.

    While Herring and Son Collision recommends a pre and post-repair scan on every vehicle, it is especially important to perform these functions on newer, highly optioned, and/or heavily damaged vehicles. Failure to do so significantly increases the risk to the vehicle owner and occupants.

  • I hereby authorize the required repair work to be completed to my vehicle along with the necessary materials. I hereby grant Herring and Son Collision and its employees’ permission to operate the vehicle here in described on street, highway, or elsewhere for the purpose of delivery, testing, inspections and or calibrations at my risk. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on the above vehicle should the need occur, to secure the amount of the remaining balance. I shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of collection including attorney fees, court costs, and any other costs associated with securing the amount of the remaining balance.

    No vehicle will be released until payment is made in full. Please be certain all payees (including all lien holders) have endorsed the insurance check and have a valid state-issued ID (for all payees endorsing the check) prior to the completion of repairs.

    I understand the Herring and Son Collision will NOT be responsible for any auto rental during to repair process, or after the repair process is completed.

    I understand that I am responsible for payment in full for the repairs of my vehicle, either before or upon completion of work. It is my responsibility to receive payment from the insurance company or from the party responsible for repairs. 

    I understand that Herring and Son Collision’s final invoice for repairs of my vehicle may NOT match that of the insurance company’s estimate as to the parts, labor, or procedures used to repair my vehicle. I understand that parts prices are based upon recent estimating software, however prices may vary due to currency fluctuation or varying supplier costs. I understand that repair techniques employed are based upon Herring and Son Collision judgement and OEM repair information as to the best means of effecting a high-quality repair, and the Herring and Son Collision labor charges are based upon hourly time allowances as given in the collision repair industry estimating software, and their experience, and may be more or less the amount of actual time.

    I understand that all Herring and Son Collision estimates and final invoices are based upon flat rate hours as is customary in the collision repair industry, not actual time spent on repairs.

    Herring and Sons Collision is NOT responsible for loss or damage to vehicles and/or articles left in vehicle in case of fire, theft, or any other cause beyond our control. Please remove any personal articles from your vehicle as it may be necessary to have outside companies perform sublet work on your vehicle.

    Storage charges will incur 3 days after notification of completion of repairs. Failure to make payment within 20 days after notification of the completion of repairs will result in the commencement of the auction process to satisfy the implied mechanics lien.

    In the event that the insurance company fails to provide an estimate of completion of repairs or there is an inability to come to an agreed price for the cost of either the initial estimate or supplement within 10 business days of the vehicle arriving at Herring and Son Collision, there will be a storage charge of $45 a day beginning the day the vehicle arrived at Herring and Son Collision. Vehicles towed or driven in, then deemed a total loss, and or moved to another location for any reason by the customer or insurance company will be subject to admin, lot, gate, cleanup, parts storage, and vehicle storage fees. Any labor, towing, lift inspection and/or other fees must be paid before the vehicle leaves Herring and Son Collision.

    Methods of Payments

    Cash – Cashiers check – Money order – Properly endorsed insurance checks (must have shop name on check) – Credit/Debit Cards (subject to 3.5% Processing fee)

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I authorize the insurance company to pay Herring and Son Collision directly for all supplemental and original repairs on RO#___________ for my Year/Make/Model/VIN___________________________________________________________. 

I also authorize Herring and Son Collision to endorse my name to any insurance checks received for payment for repairs of my vehicle. 

I further agree to assume responsibility for all costs if not paid by the insurance company to the repairer, Herring and Son Collision.

I also understand that the vehicle will not be released until Herring and Son has received payment for said repairs.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.